We at are aware of the fact that the nutrition requirement of poultry must be met for optimum performance. Our poultry keeping feeds formulations are designed carefully using least cost feed formulation computer software that guarantees production of balanced and nutritious feeds for your flock at any stage and time.

Water shortage will create severe stress to poultry. As such the water supply should always be cool, fresh and clean. Poultry consume water double the amount of feed intake and therefore water should be available at all times.

Proper and sufficient feeding of your flock is the most important management practice.


Do not underfeed or overfeed your flock, as this will bring reduction in production. Give your flock what is sufficient to them. We at have a variety of feeds for a layer flock, which guarantee optimum performance, these include:

a) Always start your layer chicks on from day-old to 8 weeks of age.
b) This mash is best at this stage as it contains special qualities:
c) A strong, broad-spectrum coccidiostat, which protects birds from coccidiosis.
d) Contains a mycotoxin binder to guard against the damaging effects of mycotoxins.

e) Has a bacterial binder that protects the chicks from harmful bacteria.
f) Develop a strong bone structure come into lay early high growth rate.
g) A layer chick should consume on average 2kg Africana Feeds chick mash from day old up to 8 weeks of age.

Feed your pullets with Africana Feeds Growers Mash from the 9th to the 19th weeks of age. A layer pullet is expected to consume on average 7.0 kg of Africana Feeds Growers mash during this period.

a) It is best for this age as it contains qualities such as: It is well balanced to ensure that the bird is well prepared for laying.
b) Ensures optimum growth rate.
c) Ensures that the first egg is laid when the bird is about 4 ½ months.
d) Ensures that the birds have the right body weight (1.5kg) at the point of lay.

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