To ensure a healthy, efficient high growth rate and profitable pig herd, good management skills are essential. A good manager should ensure that all stock under his care is well fed, watered, and housed and are in good health at all times.

It should be noted that only a few weeks of poor growth makes the difference between profitable and unprofitable enterprise.

The following are management tips that, if followed strictly, will ensure that your herd performs optimally. To achieve good slaughter weights it is important that housing should:

a) Provide adequate space for feed and water troughs, sleeping and dunging areas ; be warm and free from draughts as well as being well ventilated; bedding should be provided to keep the pigs warm and the house does not need to be washed daily except in between batches;
b) Use only Africana Feeds pig feeds in the recommended quantities for better results. When you wean the sow, she should be taken from the piglets and not the piglets from the sow.
c) The sow should then be housed such that she has nose to nose contact with the boar and cannot be bullied by other sows. She should be mated to the boar three times (3) when she is fully on heat (usually 5-7 days after weaning).

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Check for return to service at 21 days before moving her to a dry sow pen. The most important aspect of keeping the heard heath is attention to DAILY INSPECTION of all stock by a competent pig- man and prompt attention to any sickness or other management related problems. The younger the stock, the more frequent the inspections, is a good rule to follow.

Routine activities to be addressed to:

a) The young pigs should born in to as clean environment as possible preferably in a box to make sure they are not cold and are not laid on by the sow . The sow should be de-wormed and washed properly. This is to minimize losses of piglets due to infection from previous litters or the rest of the heard.
b) Sows should be checked daily especially immediately after furrowing and immediately after weaning for mastitis or other milk related problems;
c) In conclusion, it is important to note that most of the situations which cause reduced performance in a pig production project ARE FEED AND MANAGEMENT RELATED, so always insist on quality Africana Feeds Pig Feeds, and enforce good pig management practices for guaranteed results.

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